TM Network Capacity (End 2011)

Last year Malaysia  Internet access  penetration was 61% percent of the population or equivalent to 17,723,000 users.
Telekom Malaysia Berhad is now expanding its network and peering to cater this huge growth of traffic.

General Network Information
Network Name         : Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM)
Name Aliases         : TM Global IP Network
Primary ASN          : 4788
Website              :
IRR AS-SET           : TMNET-MY
Network Type         : Cable/DSL/ISP
Approx BGP Prefixes  : 3000
Traffic Levels       : 100+ Gbps
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MyIX’s Traffic Surges

This month we could see demand for local traffic increases. Aims IDC which selling local bandwidth separately shows increase of bandwidth utilization between AIMS (IDC provider) – TM (Broadband Provider). The IDC has been popular due to traffic segregation charges between local and international. Thumbs up for AIMS.


Second graph shows intra traffic between Jaring and Aims

Jaring - Aims
Jaring - Aims

Third graph shows intra traffic between Jaring – TM

TM- Jaring
TM - Jaring

We expect Aims-TM traffic would jump to 3Gbps (peak daily) with the absorption of new high speed broadband by TM – Unifi.