Payment Info

We accept credit card with TAC authentication such as
Visa and Mastercard
credit cards
Payment Gateway Processor is Onlinepayment/Molpay

Payments using a credit card or PayPal account can be made online. At this time, we are only able to accept Instant Payments, which means you must have a bank account or credit card directly linked to your PayPal account for the payment to process successfully.
Sending fund as payment via Paypal
We can accept your access balance in USD or MYR to be used
as payment for our services. Please contact support to have it arranged.

FPX Online Payment Logo
FPX (Financial Process Exchange) is a payment gateway that allows you to make real time online payments using your current or savings account.
All you need is an Internet banking account with any of FPX participating banks.
More info about FPX please click here

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Acc Number : 514114113901
Acc Name : DataKL Solutions Sdn Bhd

Acc Number : 8007687490
Acc Name : DataKL Solutions Sdn Bhd

[important] Send Payment Slip Info/proof
Email :

Please Also Include Domain Name /invoice Number For Our Reference.
Email Subject: Payment For "Invoice Number & Domain Name"