Configure Let’s Encrypt SSL

Install & Troubleshooting after installing your certificate via cPanel

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Go to cPanel and Click on Let’s Encrypt Icon,
Make sure you have certificate installed, If none. you can issue Let’s Encrypt certificate by clicking on the button Issue

Why there is no padlock ater activating Let’s Encrypt SSL even with https://

Please make sure there is no mixed content in your web site source http and https source
Check source for https and http reference for image and image from other sources
You can use view source tab in your browser.

Detailed query can be conducted via these web sites to check that your site source

1) Why there is no padlock ater activating Let’s Encrypt SSL even with https://
Please make sure there is no mixed content in your web site source
Check source for https and http reference for image and image from other sources
Check mixed content error

Correct the codes by removing http  – change to https


2)You can use .htaccess to force SSL

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTPS} !=on
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]

3) For WordPress blog
Use plugin if method above yield no result.

Use plugin  i.e


Webmail merupakan email berasaskan laman sesawang atau dikenali sebagai ‘web-based email’ yang boleh dilayari melalui suatu program atau ‘browser’ seperti ‘Firefox’ yang dibangunkan oleh ‘Mozilla’ , ‘internet explorer oleh Microsoft atau ‘Chrome’ oleh Google. Ia boleh dilayari dari mana-mana saja selagi ada kemudahan internet melalui pautan masing-masing dengan memasukkan ID pengguna dan kata laluan. Ia juga tidak memerlukan aplikasi untuk memuat turun email.

Hotmail , yahoo mail, gmail adalah contoh terbaik ‘webmail’ percuma. Tetapi tidak sesuai dijadikan email perniagaan. Untuk itu, ia memerlukan domain sendiri dan hosting berbayar. Pautan webmail bagi hosting berbayar akan menggunakan nama domain sebagai pautan sendiri seperti berikut Bagi yang mempunyai ‘hosting’ sendiri yang berbayar aplikasi popular seperti platform CPanel menawarkan 3 jenis antara muka yang berbeza seperti ‘Horde’ , Squirrelmail dan Roundcube.

  1. Horde
    Sesuai kepada pengguna yang inginkan fungsi lengkap dan paling menarik  ia memiliki ciri-ciri mesra kepada telefon pintar .
  2. RoundCube
    Kepada mereka yang menginginkan antaramuka yang cantik dan memiliki fungsi yang lengkap seperti horde.
  3. Squirrelmail
    Antaramuka yang mudah dan klasik. Tetapi ia hanya bertahan sehingga versi 78 dan kini versi 74. Pihak CPanel sedang mencari pengganti Squirrelmail

Bagi pengguna yang menggunakan platfom CPanel berpeluang menggunakan email client selain webmail seperti outlook atau thunderbird.  Ini akan dibincangkan pada episod yang akan datang

WordPress Plugin Upgrade Timeout Issue

If you experiencing failure to update plugins bigger than 2mb i.e Jetpack, you may want to look at Core Control plugin

Core control plugin allows you to select and disable problematic HTTP transport control.
In our case, we prefer cURL method because its is more reliable than PHP Streams.  Here is how to configure.

Core Control

Then Select External HTTP  Access

Then you can try update your plugins again.


TimThumb Vulnerability Fix

The recent Timthumb.php vulnerability has left scores of unsuspecting bloggers hacked. It’s the perfect combination of not so easy to fix for the technically disinclined, and easy to find and exploit for the malicious – resulting in a disastrous number of compromised sites.

About TimThumb:
TimThumb is a simple, flexible, PHP script that resizes images. You give it a bunch of parameters, and it spits out a thumbnail image that you can display on your site
1. Download the latest version of TimThumb.php ( TimThumb.php )
Read More

Not All Web Graphics Created Equal

Here is another tip to speed up your web site loading time. Slow loading site drives visitors away from your web site. The most common mistake made by web owners is placing high resolution web graphics on their web site. This unintentional behaviour is causing them losing quality traffic.
Images can be optimized. Graphics optimization software like Photoshop is expensive and not suitable for novice. Most are unsure how to reduce the resolution without jeopardizing quality.

Here is a solution for you. No need to download or purchase expensive software. Use™ and optimize your header graphics or content image on the fly. It also has the capability to to reduce image size from an URL.™™

Let us know the outcome!

Saving Your Bandwith Quota – Hotlinking protection

A cPanel functionality, known as Hotlink protection prevents other websites from directly linking to files on your website. This means that when another website is visited, it cannot load pictures from your pages – this is one of the ways for limiting the outbound traffic for your account.

An example of hotlinking would be a different website using HTML code to display an image from your site. In effect, the other website is using up your bandwidth quota.

Before adding new sub domain, make sure you disable your protection, then enable it back in order to include the new sub domain URL in the include list.

Hotlinking Protection
Hotlinking Protection

Info : You can check your .htaccess content to make sure the rules are properly aligned to prevent internal server error. This is normally caused by syntax error in .htaccess file.

WordPress Tip: Trim Your Database With Delete-Revision Plugin

If you have 100 on the log, your revisions redundancy may be as many as 1,000 articles!

Delete Revision Plugin in Action
Delete Revision Plugin in Action

For personal blog, one of the many articles that there are many versions of the amendment is a waste of resources, excessive revisiong will increase the burden on the database, to slow down the speed wordpress! Perhaps the revision team for the blog, in some ways useful. Most people, or a good cut.

Revision Manager is the end came, to delete a large number of redundant revision to increase the speed of implementation of the SQL statement, WordPress upgrade the speed there is a lot of benefits!

How to install.
1. Login to WordPress dashboard and go to plugin
2. Search for delete-revision plugin
3. Install and Activate
4. Click on Delete Revision under Settings in dashboard
5. Check and delete your revisions, while you are there.. click optimize database as well.

Happy Blogging.