SKMM – Block File Sharing Now!

SKMM or Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has released an official order to block access to file sharing web sites to all ISPs in Malaysia. The order given based copyright grounds.
P1 Wimax provider uploaded the official letter to its wall on social media site – Facebook.  The move is quite drastic and will surely enrage internet users in Malaysia.

Access Denied
Access Denied

The blocking will be done via DNS resolution query ;  null route the query to deny access.  To  bypass the restriction simply  using  this method.
Many users use file sharing to send huge files to be distributed to friends or clients abroad. Since email transmission is impractical (25MB attachment max) and Anonymous FTP is no longer provided by web hosting provider due to security and abuse, users may have to use other file sharing services not listed in the list.


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