Basic Joomla Security For Rookies

Below is the basic Joomla security feature that must be enabled to prevent intrusion and deletion of your content from unauthorised user. Many users ignored safety measures once they have Joomla and up and running. Please take some time to apply the basic security information below.


1.) Enable SEF
To enable search engine Friendly at Joomla , you need to rename your htaccess.txt to .htaccess

Login to your cPanel

Access the File Manager

Go to the Webroot
Find htaccess.txt
Tick the htaccess.txt box and click “Rename”?

Change the file name to .htaccess
Insert .htaccess and click on “Rename File”

Then go to Administrator page and set SEF – You will get better ranking in search engines with nice URLs ;)

Seo Enabled

If you are wondering what are those good for, here’s an example:

A non-sef URL:

The Joomla SEF version of the previous URL:,com_weblinks/Itemid,22/

3rd party SEF extensions may display “friendlier” URLs, such as

Besides better ranking, your Joomla based web site is more secure than before.
P/s If you are a pro – FTP to your home directory manually rename htaccess.txt to .htaccess *spelling! and edit configuration php by hand to
var $sef = ‘1’;
var $sef_rewrite = ‘1’;
var $sef_suffix = ‘1’;

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