Did you know that we run DNS clustering ?

Did you know that we run DNS clustering for all our shared hosting Accounts?
Why DNS Clustering

1. Unified nameserver. We use only a pair of nameservers – ns1.datakl.com and ns2.datakl no matter where your site is hosted. Your addon domain will use the same nameservers as well. That is what we call easy and clean.
2. Or ns1 and ns2 are geographically diverse. Ns1 being hosted in Malaysia responds to DNS query for Malaysia and Asia primarily. Ns2 being hosted in the USA to answer any queries from North America and Europe.
3. 1. 0% downtime due to DNS service being down. If the DNS service is down in the server, the domain DNS will be served by the other servers in the cluster.
4. If a server is down (say being rebooted), and at that point if someone tries to send an email to a domain on that server, they will get a delivery failure message and the mail will not be sent again. This is because the sender’s mail server will assume the domain does not exist. But in case a DNS cluster is setup, the mail server sending the mail will only assume the mail server is down, and hold the mail in its queue to be retried again. No delivery failure report message will be sent.
5. It is easy to transfer domains among servers. The client will not have to change the nameservers used by the domains. The same nameservers can be used to point the domain to the new server. Easy migrations for us to move you to better specifications in the future. Other providers might have to contact you and ask you to dig up your domain control panel login, which might delay migration and causing downtime.
6. Faster recovery from server reboots. If you typed your domain name during maintenance and the DNS was down as well, page could not be found could be cached in your computer. It takes a few hours for your site’s DNS to refresh. This can cause confusion and. If you are hosted in DNS clustering environment, the moment server is up and running you can view your web site immediately.

cPanel DNS clustering
cPanel DNS clustering

7. Less work for web server. Our web server only handles web content serving and email. No DNS means less work for web server and fast loading web sites!.

How can you tell? If your current hosted giving out nameservers for example 105.nameserver.com and n106.nameserver.com think again because you are not hosted in clustered environment. The DNS, mail, database and content are hosted in the same server

Case Study: During Taiwan earthquake that ruptured undersea cables, internet connection including dns queries were delayed and timed out. Our USA DNS servers pointed the email towards the right server. Most of client emails got through even though the connections was slow. Other hosting providers email transmission timed out due to DNS record could not be reached. Geographical distance and latency caused their email to bounced back to the original sender.

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