.my Innovation Award 2010

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Time to Wire Kuala Lumpur

Time dot com is targeting 1 thousand buildings in Kuala Lumpur to be wired up using their fiber optic technology. The speed provided is from 1-50Mbps. This is certainly great news. More players will certainly bring the price lower. Price of bandwidth and connectivity is still considered expensive. We hope the price of local bandwidth will be reduced further soon. This will benefit Malaysians in general. Many providers will certainly re locate their servers or place content delivery network server (CDN) locally. The only challenge facing local fibre optic is to get local council approval do lay down optic cables.

Time dot com
Time dot com

We hope there will be no pot holes and uneven roads like in the mid 90’s where deployment of DSL technology require digging up roads (Central <->DSLAM).


Innity Ad Code Causing Reported Attack Page

Today a few popular blogs have “reported attack page” warning displayed when surfed using Mozilla Firefox browser. We found out that Innity adverstising code is currently labelled as tainted by stopbadware.org. This warning will cause panic and many webmasters would think their site has been infected by Gumblar malware (common FTP injected malware problem due to compromised login credentials). At the time of writing, the code and web site (innity.net) are still being labelled as malware source.

You are advised to remove the ad code temporarily to avoid losing substantial numbers of visitors. If you are using WordPress – Login to your wp-admin using Internet Explorer browser and remove the ad code. Follow the link to webmaster tools page by clicking the button ” Why was this page blocked”, then verify your site with Google. The fastest way is to use html verification and wait for stopbadaware/Google to crawl your site. It may take up to 24 hours for Google to whitelist your site.

You can check whether your web site has been cleared here
More info about malware listed site here