July Update From DataKL Hosting

This month we are very busy upgrading our servers to suPHP. The task is near completion and most sites are now running with suPHP.
Php is now running as user and all files will be owned by the user. So say goodbye to “nobody” owned files. You will no longer have to deal with operation not permitted when attempting to delete nobody owned files.


Hardware wise, we are also converting our servers to RAID1 setup. This will be done by stages. This will increase our server reliability and speed.

Raid 1 Setup
Raid 1 Setup

We will also use third drive as Cpanel backup that keep daily, weekly and monthly backup in case you need to revert. We will put up a notice in the client area in case your web site will be relocated to the new server.

We would like to thank our customers and resellers, thanks for your support, sorry do not give out free calendars or movie tickets just to show our appreciation to. We say by upgrading our network, servers and service.

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