Nationwide TM Backbone Upgrade – 10 Gbps!

TM (Telekom Malaysia) will perform upgrade nationwide backbone to 10 Gbps on 19th and 25th May 2009. us the upgrade. Intra ISPs connection through Malaysia Internet Exchange will be improved. Earlier this month we experienced intermittent degradation of speed due to TM – MYIX reached full capacity.

Traffic between ISPs through MYIX now growing rapidly. 10 Gbps upgrade would certainly help to elevate bottlenecks during peak hours. Majority of DSL subscribers are from TM Network, so by upgrading the network traffic connection to other ISPs will be improved as well.

There will be network downtime during the upgrade. We also hope that TM would upgrade international capacity as well in line with national backbone upgrade but that is entirely different network and that will cost TM more $$$ :)

Links : MyIX

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