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SurfRight gives the confidence and sense of security when you browse the Internet. SurfRight comes with a Virtual Library that consists of 50,000 pre-selected, clean web links for your kids to browse through and learn.

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Most Visited Web Sites In Malaysia April 2009

Check out the links below, I am quite surprised to see that Malaysian datacenters provide safe heaven for torrent web sites.
April 2009 – Malaysia

Jaring IDC hosting many popular web sites such as and political based web i.e Harakah Daily, Tranungkite and Malaysiakini. Recent denial of service attack targeted these political based web sites hosted in Jaring IDC such as The attack crippled the network and caused interruption to many web sites including our server – Copper which is hosted in Jaring IDC.

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Carian Google – Bagaimana Ianya Berfungsi?

Google menghantar ‘crawlers’ yang dipanggil Googlebot yang meneliti setiap laman web yang berada di internet. Googlebot adalah jutaan process ‘bot’ yang aktif yang sentiasa meneliti laman web terbaru untuk di katalogkan kedalam database index carian google. Bot-bot ini juga mengikuti pautan-pautan yang berada dalam laman web dan membuat perbandingan samaada kandungan telah pun di perbaharui atau tidak. Proses yang berulang ini dinamakan ‘indexing’. Laman yang sering di index semula laman web berita online yang kandungannya selalui di perbaharui berbanding laman statik contohnya laman web korporat.

Pautan-pautan ini juga membantu kedudukan ‘ranking’ laman web anda yang dipanggil ‘PageRank’. PageRank adalah salah satu daripada 200 faktor atau kriteria yang digunakan Google untuk memastikan hasil carian adalah tepat dan relevan. Jika anda mahukan kedudukan atau ‘ranking’ lebih baik, pastikan kandungan laman web anda di perbaharui dengan maklumat terbaru

Verizon awarded $33.15m against cybersquatter

Verizon has been awarded $33.15m in a cybersquatting lawsuit against a shady domain aggregator that registered hundreds of websites using the telco’s name and trademarks.

In a default judgment this week, a federal court in Northern California ruled this week that OnlineNIC should pay $50,000 for each of the 633 domains Verizon claims were created specifically to be confused with legitimate Verizon brands.

According to the lawsuit filed in June 2008, OnlineNIC used an automated process to claim sites such as,,,, and The fake Verizon sites hosted ad links and pop-under advertisements that resulted in revenue for OnlineNIC.

Verizon calls the decision “the largest cybersquatting judgment ever” – which is probably a bit far-reaching unless the company follows the ancient Mayan calendar in which the universe ends in 2012. And that award could be $22 zillion, for all it matters – the real trick will be collecting it. No one appeared in court on OnlineNIC’s behalf, and Verizon itself can’t figure out exactly who’s behind the scheme, according to court documents.

Verizon claims that OnlineNIC conceals its owners’ true identities and involvement by using numerous shell entities, fictitious businesses, and personal names for ICANN registration. The firm also allegedly deletes infringing domains within five days and then re-registers to avoid paying registration costs and to avoid detection by trademark owners.

OnlineNIC claims to be based in San Francisco, although its website offers an Oakland, California mailing address. Court filings show that Verizon was unable to find a correct mailing address for any OnlineNIC employees at which to serve the court summons.

Nevertheless, in a statement Verizon says that the judgment “should send a clear message and serve to deter cybersquatters who continue to run businesses for the primary purpose of misleading consumers.”

Microsoft and Yahoo also have similar lawsuits currently pending against OnlineNIC. ®

Source : The Register