DataSuper Package + Magento E-Commerce

DataSuper package is now Magento ready. If you plan to host Magento e-commerce store you can visit the following URL

How to install Magento
Get the latest version in .zip or .tar.gz file from the Magento website. Extract using 7zip utility to you desktop.

Using your favorite FTP program, upload the Magento folder from your desktop to your public_html directory.

Set File Permissions.You will need to set the following folders and file to writable mode by the server:


If you have downloaded the “full version” of Magento, the one with the sample store data, you will need to set all of the directories in the folder media to writable as well:


You can use FTP utility like FileZilla and chmod above to 777

The next step is MySQL database creation. Use MySQL wizard in your CPanel – Flash tutorial

Finally, use your web browser to surf to the Magento installation wizard. If you’ve uploaded the Magento files to, then the wizard will be located here:

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