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We would like to advise customers to set permission of folders correctly. Deliberate setting permissions of your folders to world writeable would mean easier for crackers to include files in your web site. Please make sure permission for folders is set to 755. Please use FTP software to set the permission (chmod) your web site properly.

Please does not re use your web password to register for other web sites. Use your web site password solely for your web. It is dangerous because other web sites could be decoys to harvest password. Recycle password is dangerous because other people could gain access to your email and personal information.

Please remove any scripts that you are no longer using. Forums and forums could be spam post heaven if they are not constantly updated. If you install the scripts thru fantastico, you need to remove the script thru fantastico as well. Manualy removal can be achieved thru deletion of the folder and dropping the database for the scripts.

Always update your scripts installation to the most stable version. You need to follow update tree of your scripts. You may have problems upgrading in the future if your scripts are too old. Remember, dynamic web site need constant maintenance compared to static web site.

Remember your password. Remember your log in details such as Cpanel password. You will be blocked by firewall if you failed to log in using the correct credentials for 10 times in row. Your web site could not be reachable. This is because your Ip address is already in deny list. Restart your DSL modem or redial to get a new IP in order to access your web site. If your IP is dedicated please open a support ticket for us to remove your IP manually.

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