Streamyx Sending Out Email Error

Since last year, TmNet (Malaysian ISP) gradually blocking access to SMTP port – 25 to combat spam coming out from their network. If you are one of the subscribers and having problems sending out email you can modify you outgoing SMTP server port to 26. You can follow guidelines below for Outlook Express.

For Outlook Express,
Make sure you enable SMTP Authentication

Tools> Account > Mail > Highlight email account and Click Properties and check My Servers Requires Authentication
SMTP Authentication Setting

To change SMTP port, click advance tab and change 25 to 26
SMTP Port Change

One thought to “Streamyx Sending Out Email Error”

  1. Blocking use of port 25 doesn’t combat SPAM at all. To me, it is more like a way they are trying to push everyone to single SMTP mail server, and make filtering of our messages easier.

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